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PG 86 lock


Product appearance

Function trait

When handle inside was pulled up vertically, at the same time, handle outside will also come vertically, so the door was locked, people outside can not move the handle, only the handle inside was pushed in horizontal position and handle outside follows the same can the door will be unlocked when press the handle down.

Lock condition: both handles are in vertical position, it show the door was locked, and can not open from the outside. Both handles are in horizontal position, it show the door was unlocked, and can open the door just to press down the handle. And only can realize the lock function inside.
Lock condition(left)/unlock condition(right)

Emergency opening function:when the door was locked, people outside the door can use coin to spin the handle and open the door.


Name:PG86 Lock inward (left)/PG 86 outward (left)/PG 86 inward (right)/PG86 outward(right)


Material:aluminum alloy

Color:Silver grey by electrophoresis

Latch bolt:zinc alloy, extension length is 11mm

Distance to door:40mm

Suitable profile:width ≥70mm, thickness is 35-42mm,also fit for wood door.


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