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PAG door with screen system realizes the function of ventilation and keep insects flying inside. Matched with PAG whole set hardware, Users have comfortable experience and are impressed by PAG’s special design.

Window With Screen System

PAG door with screen uses PG concealed hinge 16A/B, delicate design, and large weight limit 80kg, fit for standard euro groove. Can install directly and don’t need to destroy the sealing stripe and influence the airtight. No hardware was exposed, much safer.
Locking plate was designed in 3 sides wrapped,that increase the function of anti-burglar. Locking point can be adjusted and added in any position, it is easy to do multipoint. Which make better sealing function and much safer.

With adjustable design and mute function,locking rod and door lock connects in perfectly, could adjust length, the accuracy reaches to 2mm. And for the bolt installation also is a easy process.

The glass sash(active sash) uses HD lock 06 series,hold up vertically to lock, positive sash uses PAG’s patent product FD double side driver, to close and open with handle easily.
For the glass sash uses VS door handle set 95, because need to control the distance between 2 sashes, and for the screen sash uses the US handle 82.aluminum alloy material and oxidization surface treatment, have great metallic looks. Durable and longer life span.
VS Door handle 95 L/R (Left)/US handle 82(Right)


Glass door

Screen door

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